How to Become a 6-Figure Creative by Mike Felix

How to Become a 6-Figure Creative

Want to learn how to generate upwards of $10k to $20k Monthly as a Graphic Designer or Web Designer? This program is definitely for you! 

About this Program

Hey! My name is Mike Felix, and I've been a Creative (Web Designer, Marketer and Graphic Designer) for over 8 years, and along that way, I've learned that JUST because you're skilled at something DOES NOT mean that you get paid what you're worth. Creative Artists and Creative Business People are NOT always the same.

I developed this program for a few reasons: 
  1. There is a formula you MUST know in order to become a Six Figure Earner
  2. You MUST develop 6-Figure Habits
  3. You MUST understand Sales and what I've coined the A.R.T. Method

This program contains LIVE and SELF-PACED components to it.
By joining, you'll learn how to:
  • Start and Launch your Creative Business (if you haven't done so already)
  • Generate Creative Sales Volume, Organically
  • Close Sales
  • Scope out Projects
  • Identify Opportunities
  • Field Objections
  • and ultimately have an Overflow of Creative Business and Revenue Opportunities

What's included?

Video Icon 7 videos File Icon 6 files Text Icon 8 text files


Introduction & Welcome
Welcome to the 6 Figure Creative Freelancer Training Program
3 mins
4 mins
Program Overview
Upcoming Schedule (Updated Live Schedule)
Mentality & Posture
Mindset & Posture
7 mins
Mentality & Posture Exercise
Your Offerings
Overview of "Creative" Work
3 mins
Managing your Time and Energy Inputs (Updating)
Overview of Creative "Work"
Overview of High Volume Web Design Services (Updating)
Overview of High Volume Graphic Design Services (Updating)
Creating Your Sales and Marketing Pipeline
[Reference] Mastering the ART of Social Selling
537 KB
13 mins
Branding & Identity
Relevance (Updating)
Trust (Updating)
Conversation Starters
8 mins
[Download] Organic Scripts to Connect with Prospects/Leads
194 KB
Program Resources & Instructions
Access your Lead Generation Template
Time-Blocking for your Sales and Business Development Activities
7 mins
Access your Revenue Calculator
Social Media Calendar Template

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