Mastering the A.R.T. of Social Selling by Mike Felix

Mastering the A.R.T. of Social Selling

If you want to learn how to generate more revenue online, you have to do less social media marketing and more social selling. 

Who should get this eBook?

I'm really excited that you landing on this page because it means that you're seeking a model and method to consistently and successfully driving a tribe of buyers to the solutions and products that you've spent your own energy into creating. 

I'm Mike, and I'll be facilitating all of the trainings within the Guerrilla Launch Academy with you. I've devoted the majority of my professional career to helping small business owners with making more sales, generating leads, and understanding methods to growing their business. 

I'm excited to have the opportunity to present you with various resources and tools that can equip you to Make More, Do More, Have More, Be More and ultimately Give More! 

What's Included?

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Why you should get this eBook.

Mastering the A.R.T. of Social Selling is a set of organized thoughts and approaches towards enabling small business owners and entrepreneurs to sell more and generate more through social channels. 
If any of these statements describe you, I'd love to invite you to get this eBook: 
  • You spend time posting on social platforms but generate little sales...
  • You're having trouble growing a tribe of people who are constantly sharing your content...
  • You're not able to advertise because you don't know your target audience well enough...

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Not ready to snag the ebook? That's cool. You can check out this overview of the ART Method here:
Overview of the ART Method


What should my expectations be after reading this eBook?

There are things that you've been doing that are NOT serving your business.... One huge expectation from reading this ebook should be to realize other elements of your strategy that you should be implementing to generate more revenue for your business. 

What if I don't like the eBook?

If you really do not believe that the eBook provided you with value, then I'll send you a refund. I'm not in the business of creating things that business owners do not find valuable.... So either (1) I remedy your fallen expectations with a solution or (2) I process a refund for you.