Leap of Fake eBook by Mike Felix

Leap of Fake eBook

This eBook comprises my story and the 7 Key Lessons that I learned that I don't wish for anyone else to learn, by themselves, on their journey to entrepreneurship. 

My Story. Your Lesson.

Over the years, I've studied so many entrepreneurs, and the more studying I do, the more I realized that I was doing the WRONG things... However I was enslaving myself more and more in my own business because I was burying myself in the false image of 'wantrepreneurship'. 

In the eBook, I tell my story and I outline 7 Key Lessons that I learned that I believe will transform the way that you view your current situation and it will empower you to begin taking the RIGHT steps earlier in your entrepreneurial career. 

Outline of the Leap of Fake eBook

Throughout the years, there were many lessons learned but these stood out at as the MOST important ones that I decided to outline within the Leap of Fake book. 

  1. Be Human... AF 
  2. You Suck Now but you won't Later
  3. Buy Time like you Buy Gas
  4. Energy is worth more to you than Time... Protect it.
  5. Learn to Sell... or Find a Salesman
  6. Your Network really does impact your Net Worth
  7. Don't Pursue Entrepreneurship to replace Income... Do it to Build Something
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Pre-Sales for the eBook

The Leap of Fake eBook is currently in a Pre-Sales period as the book is being finalized and edited. It's amazing the types of feelings that a person can experience as they're creating things that they absolutely believe will transform people's lives and perception of the world around us. 

I say that not to minimize any of the other works that I've done for my clients, but I say it to maximize my feeling and for what aspiring entrepreneurs will get from reading this book. 

I hope that your journey and desire to leverage my lessons and experiences don't just stop with this eBook. I have a number of other things such as a Launch+Quit Guidebook and Mini-Course, Leap of Fake Podcast and other resources to help aspiring entrepreneurs with making better choices and having less regrets in their journeys. 

Mike Felix (Sales Geek)

Mike Felix aka "Felix" is a Full-Stack Marketer, Sales Coach, and Founder of Guerrilla Launch, possessing over 10 years of experience in web development, digital marketing, and sales pipeline development. Mike spends literally all of his time helping small business owners Sell More, Make More, Do More, and Be More.