How to Create a Site that SELLS (DIY or Hire) by Mike Felix

How to Create a Site that SELLS (DIY or Hire)

The Sites that Sell Online Program was created for the Entrepreneur who wants to make sure that their business website is setup and ready to actually SELL! 

Who should take this Program?

Whether you're Building your Own Site or Hiring a Web Designer, it all starts with having a Plan! 
Designing a website that will serve your business should NOT be a trial and error process until you get it right. You should follow a formula that will enable you to leverage the power and utility of a website immediately out of the gate. 
These are some of the things that can happen to you as a business owner if you DON'T have a plan: 
  • No Site Engagement
  • No New Leads for your business (from the site)
  • Lost Opportunities
  • Missed Messages
  • and Ultimately NO SALES!
EVEN if you already have a site created, this program has elements that will enable you to update and upgrade your site in order to make it more sales-capable. 

In this class you will learn:
  • How to identify your website's purpose
  • The essentials for your home page
  • How to write content that attracts your target audience
  • How to lay the foundation to drive web traffic to your website
  • Tools that can convert web visitors into leads for your business
  • A plan for organizing your web content before you start building
  • You will leave with practical tools and resources to get started building your business website


What's included?

Introduction to How to Create Sites that Sell Program
Introduction & Welcome
To Build or NOT to Build... That's the Question
Getting Ready
Determining your Website's Purpose
Site Preparedness Checklist
Creating a Request for Proposal (If Hiring)
Questions to Ask a Designer (If Hiring)
Setting your Website Business Objectives
Site Capabilities
Do-It-Yourself vs Hire
Platform Selection
What Features does your Site Need?
Creating Content
Creating and Organizing your Sitemap
Written Content
Photos and Images
Incorporating your Brand into your Site
Search Engine and Social Considerations
Ways to Sell through your Site
Creating a Sales Pipeline
Understanding Lead Generation
Creating Bait
Creating Calls to Action
Getting People to the Checkout Page
Creative Ways to Create Urgency
Ways to get Basic Referral Partners for your Products
Reporting and Analytics
Understanding what's happening on your Site
Resources & Tools
Form & Application Options
Search Engine Optimization Tools
Affiliate Tools
Template Tools

Mike Felix (Sales Geek)

Mike Felix aka "Felix" is a Full-Stack Marketer, Sales Coach, and Founder of Guerrilla Launch, possessing over 10 years of experience in web development, digital marketing, and sales pipeline development. Mike spends literally all of his time helping small business owners Sell More, Make More, Do More, and Be More. 


What if I already have a site built?

If your site is already build but you feel as though it should be selling MORE, then you should definitely look into this program. 

What if I want to build the site myself?

This would be an amazing resource to SAVE you a tremendous amount of time with building your site. 

Will this help me with hiring someone to build my site?

Absolutely! This will provide you with guidelines to KNOW what to actually build. Most relationships with web designers fall apart because the client has trouble providing clear direction.