Guerrilla Launch Social Media Audit by Mike Felix

Guerrilla Launch Social Media Audit

Does your Social Media Business Page lack engagement or it’s not as effective as you would like for it to be? No worries, we can give you tips, strategies, and ideas on what you can do to improve your Facebook Business Page.

Why Get a Social Media Audit?

When you purchase the “Social Media Business Page Audit,” Mike Felix or a Guerrilla Launch Team Member will Pre-Record a video breaking down what you need to fix, audit, and edit with your Facebook Business Page.

Get started today by adding this service to the cart. After purchase, you will receive a PDF breaking down the next steps on how to get started. We can’t wait to review your Social Media Business Pages.

This Audit and Review is Perfect for:
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Consultants
  • Coaches
  • eCommerce Owners
  • Small Business Owners
  • Brand Owners
  • Personal Brands
  • and any brand that needs to promote their business offline
Why Should You Buy from Mike Felix?
  • Over 9 Years of Business Development, Marketing, Sales, and Branding Experience
  • Creator of the Guerrilla Launch Mastermind
  • Founder of multiple Social groups exceeding 20k business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Professional Web Designer

Is your Social Media serving your business?

I've already audited HUNDREDS of small business owner social media pages, and I've observed that many of their pages and activity does NOT currently serve the growth and development of their business. 
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What's included?

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Audit Process
Conduct the Social Media Discovery
Schedule your Consultation

Just Start with $1

Most people are NOT aware of the value of an audit! So what I'm doing is you can choose to pay ONLY $1 now and AFTER you receive the full Audit, then you take care of the rest of the investment.

If you DON'T like the Audit.... then just let me know and you won't be charged anything else. 


Is a Social Media Audit Worth it?

Absolutely! Your social media page is one of your most valuable resources you can have as a business owner. Your social media page is the first and consistent impression that your target audience will have of you. 

What can I expect from the audit?

I'll be providing you with a thorough assessment of your social media pages along with a number of recommendations to support the growth of your business.